To date, PushOFF artists have included:

Radix Theatre
The Chop Theatre
Theatre Replacement
Les Productions Figlio
Tara Cheyenne Performance
Electric Company Theatre
Out Innerspace
Theatre SKAM
Kahlil Ashanti
Marcus Youssef
Joe Ink
Company 605
dumb instrument Dance
LINK Dance
The Contingency Plan
SNAFU Dance Theatre
MOVE: the company
Pegah Tabassinejad
the plastic orchid factory
Neworld Theatre
Dusty Flower Pot Cabaret
Mark Leiren-Young
Cat Main and Jamie Nesbitt
Benoît Lachambre
Lee Su-Feh
Grand Poney
James Gnam
Craning Neck Theatre
Patrick Keating
Main Street Theatre
Theatre Conspiracy
Anne Cooper Dance
battery opera performance
Western Front New Music
Self Conscious Theatre
Miwa Matreyek
Justine A Chambers
Cathy Gordon
Robert Leveroos
Billy Marchenski
Josh Martin
Secret Theatre
Veda Hille and Amiel Gladstone
Mutable Subject
Cie Manuel Roque
Kidd Pivot
Vanessa Goodman
Jennifer Mascall
Emelia Symington-Fedy
Jacques Poulin-Denis
Cindy Mochizuki
Hong Kong Exile
Action at a Distance
Puente Theatre
Kyle Loven
Mindy Parfitt & Amber Funk Barton
Robbie Blake
Shay Kuebler Radical System Art
Karen Hines
The Biting School
Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre
Julianne Chapple
Tender Container
Mykalle Bielinski
Amanda Acorn
Anita Rochon
Arash Khakpour & Emmalena Fredriksson
Nightswimming Theatre
Carmen Aguirre