In response to the shifting needs and desires we recognized within our community, beginning in 2007, we shifted our training programs to include international instructors. The International Intensives were held in Vancouver and at the Caravan Farm Theatre in Armstrong, BC.

The Vancouver Editions have included:
Cathy Naden, presented with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, November 2007

The Farm Editions, presented with Caravan Farm Theatre and Leaky Heaven Circus, have included:
Nigel Charnock, May 2008
Lucinka Eisler, October 2009
Jillian Keiley, September 2011



Since our beginnings, Theatre Replacement has placed a strong focus on training — with the intention of furthering our own practices — as well as to offer the same to our vibrant community of artists. In the company’s first year of existence we started a biweekly training room called CORE. This program was originally run with The Only Animal, and offered both company’s respective training practices to a dedicated group of emerging artists who would come together every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Of interest to actors, dancers, directors and individuals, CORE completed in 2007. Following this, we started SPARK, a weeklong training and creation intensive taught by Yamamoto and Long which happened every other summer and culminated in a public presentation. Over the week, a group of 12-15 actors, dancers, directors and teachers spent the mornings training, and the afternoons working on creating material from a specific thematic source. Material creation was drawn from TR’s methodologies and was highly collaborative. SPARK completed in 2009.