A showcase of ideas & staging for a new work by Electric Company Theatre
Lead Artists: Kim Collier & Daniel Brooks
January 30th @ 6pm
January 31st @ 12:15pm
Vancouver Playhouse Theatre
600 Hamilton Street
Entrance to showcase is at the stage door on Cambie Street

RSVP to: Shantini Klaassen at

The Full Light of Day is a wild and extravagant theatre film hybrid, written by Daniel Brooks and directed by Kim Collier. Wild scenes, moving sets, film and broad comedy, a chaotic array of forms.

This is a broken play, with broken characters and a broken form. Scenes look at indulgence and abuses of power, and then the tenderness between an aging couple. Scenes are seen a second time, and the second time there is new information. Problems are revealed, but never the whole picture. We are looking at a family that has earned wealth in the world of real estate, there is an act of corruption, a power beyond the family is intent on punishing them. The story is like a storm, swirling in desire and violence and uncertainty and then suddenly, the aging mother of the family falls ill.

The final act observes her slow death. It is brutal, shocking, moving, surprising, and asks some very fundamental questions.

This is a showcase of scenes in development. The full production is estimated to be 2 hours in length.

ELECTRIC COMPANY inspires audiences with a renewed sense of possibility: our performances consistently defy and expand the definition of what live theatre can be. We provide a highly collaborative environment for artists, creating the right conditions for experimentation, risk, and the pursuit of excellence. We traverse artistic disciplines, challenge theatrical conventions and explore universal themes.

October 18 & 19, 2018
Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity

January 5-12, 2019
Vancouver Playhouse

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