Kyle Loven 

Friday, February 1st, 9:30pm
Seating is limited!

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Part variety hour, part game night, part Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Join your costume-clad host, Kyle Loven, and guest assistants from your community for a campy night of games, performance numbers, wacky prizes, sweet tunes, and a ton of gold sequin fabric. Me Love BINGO! begins with a deceptively simple premise and ends with an unexpected narrative journey. Beneath the camp aesthetic lies layers of pop-cultural/autobiographical trivia, broken game play rules, and a Bingo cage that doubles as a storytelling algorithm. With divided attention between stage and Bingo cards, audiences question what is scripted, and a giant game of Telephone unfolds as strangers share with their neighbour what just happened or what they heard just happened. Currently available for touring, with 1-2 themes available, for audiences of 50-150.

KYLE LOVEN is a Vancouver-based performance and visual artist. His work combines both constructed and found objects, unconventional storytelling, and various art forms with the human presence. His live performances have been seen in Amsterdam, Taipei, New York, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Seattle, and other US cities. His work has premiered at venues such as the Guthrie Theater and On the Boards. Kyle is the recipient of grants from, among others, the Jim Henson Foundation. Awards include the Innovation in Puppetry Award at the 2013 National Puppetry Festival. He is the creator and host of the lively game night, Me Love BINGO!.

Kyle Loven
+1 604 600 2392

A PICK-THE-PATH experience
Alley Theatre and Touchstone Theatre 

Saturday February 2nd, 4:30pm
Sunday February 3rd, 1pm
CBC Studio 700
700 Hamilton Street

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An urban couple arrives for a week-long getaway at their Dad’s vast rural estate – only to find their Dad gone and another man staying there instead. They ask the man to leave, but he doesn’t want to go … and what happens next – you decide.

A bold and unparalleled multi-choice narrative, in which every 10-12 minutes the audience votes to determine what happens next. And when it’s revealed that the rights to this entire property are actually up for grabs, the audience must decide – democratically via every choice they make – who if anyone will be the ‘rightful’ inheritor of the land. Ownership, entitlement, compassion and fairness. Injustice, anger, privilege, and revenge … Out of numerous possible options, how do our choices affect the balance of scales? And how does the balance affect what we choose?

None of us decide what we inherit. But we can decide what to do with it. This showing of Inheritance is an interactive play-in-progress by Daniel Arnold and Darrell Dennis. The work will premiere in Vancouver February 28-March 15, 2020.

DANIEL ARNOLD, a 3rd generation European settler, co-wrote/performed Tuesdays & Sundays and Any Night, both of which were published in Canada and the USA, and toured to places such as the National Arts Centre, Edinburgh, Prague, New Mexico and New York. He is the protégé recipient of Canada’s largest theatre award, The Siminovitch Prize.

DARRELL DENNIS, a Secwepemc native, is the writer/performer of the Dora-winning Tales of an Urban Indian (Public Theatre New York, Autry in LA, Native Earth in Toronto, National Arts Centre) and other plays, television, film, radio and the award-winning non-fiction novel Peace Pipe Dreams: The Truth about Lies about Indians.

Alley Theatre is interested in stories that “make the invisible visible”– through socially relevant content and/or unexpected venues and staging. Through story and form, we continuously challenge our relationship to audience and community. Past work includes The Ridiculous Darkness, an inter-community performance with a 44-person diverse cast; Three Stories Up, a dramatic thriller staged in complete darkness; and Mrs. Warren’s Profession, a post-modern, immersive and digitally-interactive staging in a punk-rock club, and tours of Little One in which “this excellent company makes every moment count.” – The New York Times

Touchstone has been a leading force in Canadian play development for over 40 years. The company’s all-Canadian mandate has helped launch and develop some of the country’s most important playwrights and actors, and its substantial body of work has garnered over 70 local and national awards. Touchstone co-founded the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

Development Assistance for Inheritance
National Arts Centre’s Collaborations program, Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society, Anvil Centre (New Westminster), Shadbolt Centre for the Arts (Burnaby), Citadel Theatre (Edmonton), The Cultch and Arts Club (Vancouver), the BC Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Alley Theatre Association
+ 1 604 671 9776